Focus For Fall

Focus For Fall

Kids are heading back to school, the season will be changing, get ready to stay in shape this winter!

Focus For Fall!

The Agenda includes:

  • Get Focus
  • Get Organized
  • Get Healthy
  • Get Fit

For the low price of $99.00 you get:

4 Group Fitness Classes ($60 Value)

4 Wellness Classes ($60 Value)

1 Virtual Coaching Session ($65 Value)

1 Personal Fit Plan ($30 Value)

You also get Daily Coaching Check Ins, access to our Wellness coach at a discounted rate and the Rise VPT App to help count calories and stay connected with your trainer. ($100 Value)

You will also be placed into a Facebook Group page with others on the same journey to help you maintain personal accountability, listen to others share their journey so you know you are not alone, and learn from others that are trying to meet the same goals as you.  (Priceless)

Thats a total of a $315 value all for just $99.00

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