30 Jan 2018

Top Tips to Stay Motivated to Exercise during Winter

Getting out of the house when it is cold out is extra difficult. Itís much easier to stay indoors where itís warm and comfortable. However, skipping your exercise routine isnít a good idea. Exercising helps you feel good. It helps you stay healthy. And it helps you live a longer life. Here are the top tips to stay motivated to exercise this winter.

#1 Exercise in your home

Okay, so not everyone has the space or the budget to add a home gym. However, you donít need a lot of space. A fitness ball can help you accomplish a lot. You can purchase a fold-up treadmill. Or consider simply purchasing a few fitness DVDs. Then, when itís absolutely too cold to head outside, you can work out at home. Youíll still accomplish your daily fitness goal and youíll avoid the cold.

#2 Bundle up

With the exception of the dangerously cold days, thereís little risk to exercising outside. All you need is the proper gear. If youíre a runner, then a pair of tights and layers of clothing work best. Donítí forget a hat and gloves ñ wool works best. And if you cannot run on dry sidewalks, trails or pavement, then consider water-resistant shoes and/or traction devices like Yak Trax.

Running or exercising outdoors during the winter months will actually help you feel great. When the sky is cloudy and the air is cool, the exercise will give you those feel-good endorphins.

#3 Join a club

Winter is a great time to join a fitness club. When you join a club you have access to much more fitness equipment and opportunities. That alone can be motivating. Youíll be able to try new things and perhaps meet new people. While joining a club can be expensive, many clubs offer special wintertime deals. Find a club thatís close to home or on your normal route so itís easy to get to. You wonít have any excuses to not exercise.

#4 Set a goal

When you set a goal for yourself itís easier to get and stay motivated. Your goal can be anything you want it to be – whatever motivates you. For example, you could set a weight-loss goal. You could also set an endurance or speed goal depending on your fitness program. If you take yoga, you might set a goal to achieve a complicated pose. If youíre in martial arts, maybe you can achieve a new belt.

#5 Be nicer to yourself

If getting out and exercising during the winter is difficult, then reward yourself. When you do get out and exercise, pat yourself on the back with something you enjoy. For example, if you go to the gym or out for a run, celebrate with a massage or a bowl of your favorite soup. Acknowledge your success.

Getting motivated to exercise when youíre in full hibernation mode is difficult. Create a habit of exercise. Accommodate to the changes in the weather. Find alternative means for working out and celebrate your success. Youíll feel better physically, mentally and emotionally when you exercise.

Carlye Pina

Brockton, MA

Carlye has made it her life's mission to help busy moms to rediscover themselves and take back their health and time. As a mother, wife, and coach, she has learned what a crazy schedule means. As an entrepreneur, she has learned what is needed to balance a busy life. Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach, graduate from Suffolk University

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